Taarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma Video - Episode 1027 - (13th December 2012)

Taarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma
 Episode 1027 - 13th December 2012


Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma- Gulabo (Wednesday, 12 December 2012) Episode 1026

Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma- Gulabo  Episode On Wednesday, 12 December 2012,
Episode 1026


First Episode Of ''Taarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashmah''

Tarkak Mehta is a aspect of a community where everyone brings a regular, simple lifestyle. The the come to present its associates. His best buddy Jethalal Gada is the first one in line. What impressive way of release do we see?

Taarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma is motivated from the popular entertaining pillar 'Duniya Ne Undha Chasma' published by the prestigious Gujarati author Mr. Tarak Mehta. This tale advances around events in "Gokuldham Co-operative Society" and protects external problems which are culturally appropriate.The display primarily moves around 'Jethalaal' (Dilip Joshi) who is an ignorant Gujarati business owner. Your 'Taarak Mehta' (Sailesh Lodha), is his neighbor. 'Jethalaal' discovers a buddy and thinker in 'Taarak Mehta' and often goes to him for guidance whenever he is in problems. Jethalaal's family members contains his fool spouse 'Daya Ben' (Disha Wakani) and a naughty son 'Tapu' (Bhavya Gandhi). Tapu is a nuisance and a continuous resource of problems to all the associates of Gokuldham. They have often cautioned 'Jethalaal' to change 'Tapu' or else be ready to keep the property. Missing desires of being observed by his son drives Jethalaal' to contact his dad 'Champaklal' (Amit Bhatt) from the town. This was his smart concept of leashing some management over the naughty Tapu. The other happens and the grandpa connects arms with the son to create lifestyle a journey problematic drive for Jethalaal.


Babita and Jethalal Most Romantic Seen Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma

https://www.facebook.com/TarakMehtaKaUltaChhasma and http://tarak-mehta-ka-ultachasma.blogspot.com/ Join for daily new Video updates. most romantic scene in funny tarak mehta ka ulta chashma show on sab tv, where jethalal saw a dream of hot and beautiful babita ( munmun ). jethalal gives awesome funny expressions in this oolta chashma video.